August 12, 2020


2020 Thought Leaders Retreat
August 13
1:30 PM- 6:15 PM ET

1:30 - 1:40 PM
Welcome and Program Overview

1:40- 2:10 PM
Opening Keynote with Meditation

Pandit Dasa on Mindful Leadership
This former monk will address the importance of creating an environment where ego battles aren't driving the company down and where individuals are willing to put aside their own self-interest for the sake of the greater good. It encourages an environment where individuals are willing to appreciate the contributions of their co-workers instead of feeling threatened by them.

2:10- 2:30 PM 
Featured Interview with NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace

2:30- 2:50 PM 
The C-Suite Imperative: Corporate Responsibility and Social Impact
In an age of transparency, never before has executive leadership and corporate responsibility meant more to organizations around the world. Companies must step up to address the opportunity gap, and not only create but also advocate a safe and honest work environment for all.

Moderator: Erik Sorenson, Chief Executive Officer, Sucherman Group
George Cheeks, President & Chief Executive Officer, CBS Entertainment Group

2:50- 3:10 PM 
The Owner POV
Featured Interview with Cleveland Browns co-Owner Dee Haslam

3:10 - 3:20 PM
10-minute BREAK

3:20- 3:40 PM  
The Fan Experience: A 360-Degree Approach. 365-Day Journey
We’ve always known true fan engagement is more than in-venue experience.  It’s a 360-degree approach to connecting with fans. And the challenges presented by Covid-19 have really brought this light. We will discuss how the journey is going; what’s here to stay; and what the future looks like.

Moderator: Pete Giorgio, Principal and Sports Practice Leader, Deloitte
Kate Jhaveri, Chief Marketing Officer, NBA 

3:40 - 4:00 PM 
Reinvented: A Conversation with Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg
There are few better comeback stories than that of sports agent Leigh Steinberg. In this featured interview, Steinberg will discuss the pillars of his practice rooted in role modeling and tracing philanthropic roots to the peaks and valleys of his career, from representing No. 1 NFL Draft picks and negotiating deals for stars such as Troy Aikman and Steve Young; to his alcoholism, divorce and bankruptcy. The lows, he will attest, upended his career for a period of time, but he’s back now and we will talk to him about how he’s been able to reinvent himself starting with his sobriety, followed by his representation of two of the NFL’s hottest names – Mahomes and Tagovailoa.

4:00 - 4:20 PM
Supporting Social Justice Reform: Backing Words with Action
The sports industry can no longer remain agnostic on issues that could be seen as controversial. What role can the sports industry play in demanding social justice, addressing systemic inequities, and creating real change?

Moderator: Denis Braham, Chair, Sports Business & Public Venues Industry Group, Winstead
Kevin Warren, Commissioner, Big Ten Conference

Navigating the Road Ahead: Fundamental Shifts We Can Expect in Sports and Sports Business

5:00- 5:15 PM- Closing Remarks

5:15 - 5:45 PM- Activities

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Tasting with Assistant Master Distiller Chris Fletcher
Jack Daniel’s - The perfect addition to any occasion. Jack Daniel’s Assistant Master Distiller Chris Fletcher will walk through some new flavors and old favorites during a customized tasting just for SBJ Thought Leaders Retreat. So plan to pick, pour, and explore with us.

Aquimo Golf Play Live Challenge
Get ready to have some fun and compete in a closest to the pin mobile golf game challenge against your friends and fellow conference participants. No download necessary! Join the live stream and see if your shots are going to be close enough – top players win bragging rights!

Aquimo Corn Hole Play Live Challenge
We bring the tailgate to you with our virtual corn hole challenge. Play live against your friends and fellow conference participants in a game of corn hole. No download necessary! Play on the live stream and sink the most bags in 60 seconds to win bragging rights!

The Connect Group Cooking Demo with Iron Chef Marc Forgione
Join Iron Chef Marc Forgione, as he welcomes you into his kitchen to teach you some tricks of the trade during this interactive virtual cooking lesson. Grab a knife and cook along with Chef Marc as you learn how to make three pasta sauces - pesto, arrabiata, and carbonara. Chef Marc will help you build your confidence and skills in the kitchen and later you'll impress your friends and family with three recipes you can prepare for them at home!