October 31- November 1, 2017
New York City

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer, FanAI

Johannes Waldstein is the Founder and CEO of FanAI, an AI-driven audience monetization platform focusing on esports, and their sponsor ecosystems. The platform increases franchise and sponsorship revenues by making their audience data actionable. FanAI analyses fan data, both first level data owned by the rights holders, and data on the wider digital fan audience, as available on various social and streaming platforms as well as data repository services and payment data. The process enriches data, analyzes, segments, builds brand-specific personas/archetypes, derives meaning and predicts behavior. Making the data actionable, and allowing targeting and measurable ROI. 
 Prior to founding FanAI, Johannes developed a strong track record in start-ups, including a software start-up in San Francisco, a Loyalty Card company in Prague, and a wealth management software firm in London. He was product manager for dunnhumby the world’s largest Loyalty Data Sciences company with over 800m Loyalty cards analyzed for retailers and brands helping them grow their revenues. In addition, Johannes co-founded FanPlay in London, which provides a mobile platform that helps clubs, venues, and rights holders engage with and monetize their fan base. From his years of experience in entrepreneurship, Johannes has developed strong specializations in audience monetization, digital strategy, multi-channel proposition development, and sales; all of which he currently leverages in his work at FanAI.